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What is a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wraps is a temporary covering of your vehicle’s paint/bodywork using a vinyl material. This can be in any color or size. We usually recommend a full wrap which covers the entire surface (even the roof) of the car for specific reasons. However, this choice is up to each and every client as we can also use a partial, panel or full wrap Usually the vinyl material has digitally printed designs on the vinyl to really make the branding/message on the vehicle stand out.


How effective are vehicle wraps for advertising or branding programmed?

In the last ten years, nearly 5 million new cars have been registered (Source: ITP). That is 500,000 new vehicles joining the existing 11 million cars on the road. Based on 2014 statistics from the Ministry of Transport, cars make up 54% (sometimes up to 72%) of vehicles on the road at any one time. That is a lot of traffic in front of you and behind.

  • Would that image of your product be embedded into the person’s subconscious only to emerge when making a purchase choice?
  • Would that toll free number be taken down by the driver?
  • Would the driver tell his circle of influence (family and friends) about the cool looking car done by YOUR COMPANY?


YES! YES! AND YES! Now imagine the number of eyeballs in 2018…


How do you pick drivers for a campaign?

We select drivers for our brand partner’s campaign by reaching into our expansive driver network and hand selecting the drivers who generate the most exposure in the geographic areas we are targeting.


How long does a vehicle wrap last?

Avery Dennison vinyl material on vehicle wraps is guaranteed for up to 18 months. So the vehicle wrap can last for that long unless there is a change in design.


How can join the programme?

Your company needs to register and have an agreement with CARVERTISE.PK.


How much does it cost to have a car wrapped?

The cost would depend on three factors – size and location of the car as well as the duration of the contract. We are more than happy to provide you with a quotation but please allow us to do a full presentation of our concept to you and your company prior to that. We can also do partial wraps if your budget allocation is a constraint.


How long is the contract?

We recommend a contract period of one day to one year (or a minimum of 6 months). This allows the Brand Ambassador opportunities to travel to their hometown, travel outstation for holiday, go shopping or just drive because they feel like it. All this driving allows your brand/product message to be seen by more people in more locations.


Is there a minimum number of cars?

No. Naturally the impact of your product or brand message is greater the more cars you have on the road.


How much exposure does one driver create?

Each Carvertiser must drive a baseline of 1500 miles per month, and their primary mileage must be cored in the defined zones or cities of interest. Using historical data, Carvertise has concluded that accurate driver impression representation is largely a function of the population density of the area being targeted. A driver in twin cites, for example, may generate 100,000 impression per months.


Does it matter what color the car is?

It does not matter what color the car is for a full wrap as the vinyl material will cover the whole car. For partial wraps, however the color of the car can make a difference.


How is a wrap designed?

Designing for cars is a very niche field within the graphic design community. Not only do the designs needs to be thought of in a 3-dimensional space, but the intricacies and difficulties of designing on a non-flat surface which include the likes of car door handles, side panelling, windows, and bumper contours, creates quite a complex design challenge. Unless our brand partner has designers on staff with experience designing car wraps, it is highly recommended that our brand partner work with our in-house creative team to bring their car wrap vision to life.


How are the cars chosen?

By using Carvertise App. You can select any car from any place for any type of time period.


Can drivers be given marketing material to hand out?

We do encourage our brand partners to give us marketing material that we can give to the campaign drivers. Drivers get stopped daily and asked about the car and the featured brand, so it’s favorable to give curious inquirers a call-to-action. This has been an important factor of success for many of the campaigns we have implemented.